Welcome to the Disorienteering Emporium

Warren Decker is an Osaka-based writer based who periodically inhabits the identities of Enjambmental and Warren Nout. Find links to his writing and performances below. If you are interested in anything you see or hear here, please send him an email.

The Long Side of the Midnight Sun has just been published by Isobar Press. Follow this link for a downloadable excerpt and information on purchasing options:
Isobar Press: The Long Side of the Midnight Sun 

Selected Online Publications

Tear Stacks (p 117-129)  Sunspot Literary Journal, Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2019 
Sign above…    NOON The Journal of the Short Poem, Volume 15, August 2019
Contract    The Font, April 2019
マ I 克 (ma-i-ke)The New Ohio Review, 2018 Summer Exclusive
    Silver Needle Press, 2018 (Winner of Silver Needle Press Fiction Contest)
Unfair Asses of Parnassus, June 2017

Online Haiku

The Haiku Foundation Registry
The Living Haiku Anthology

Enjambmental (Recent releases at the top.)

The Disassembly Line
Online Carbon Dating
Improbable Cause
Grilled Diplodocos
Stress Test
Lost Degas
Dep River
I Love New York
The Ramen Shop
The Leopard Trainer

Selected Print Publications

“orion and I…” Frogpond, Volume 40:2, Summer 2017
“your photo…” Frogpond, Volume 41:2, Summer 2018
“two dragonflies…” Frogpond, Volume 41:3, Fall 2018
“sunrise yoga…” Frogpond, Volume 42:2, Summer 2019
“pine… Frogpond, Volume 42:2, Summer 2019
“pour me” HSA 2018 Anthology
“tilled fields…” HSA 2019 Anthology
“finally breaking…” Modern Haiku, Volume 50:2, Summer 2019
“Burgers” The Arc Poetry Magazine, Volume 81: Art in the End Times, 2016
“Today’s Special” Think, Volume 7.1 / Best American Poetry 2018
“Ikegoya Mountain” Sou’wester, Volume 47, Spring 2019